Shipping Policy


お客様のご注文された商品は、UPSによって、お客様のご指定の住所に発送させていただきます。但し、お客様のお住まいの国 地域、ご注文された商品の重量、サイズによっては、他の方法に振り替えて発送される場合もあります。


Orders placed by 1:00 p.m. Japan time for in-stock items will be shipped the following day. We are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays (Japan time).

We will ship your order by UPS to the address you specify. However, depending on your location, the weight and size of your order, it may be shipped by another method.

It takes approximately 2 weeks for delivery to the customer's address. However, it may take up to 4 weeks depending on weather, time of year, postal conditions, and various other reasons. A shipping slip number will be provided to the customer's e-mail at the time of shipment. You will be able to check the status of your shipment yourself via the shipping e-mail.


Although we have taken great care in packaging, damage may occur due to unforeseen circumstances. In the unlikely event that there is something wrong with the packaging upon delivery, please ask the delivery staff to reject the package and check the contents for damage in the presence of the local delivery company.


In international transactions, the goods you order may be subject to VAT, customs duties and sales taxes and levied at the time of importation. We ship in DDU on all international transactions. Therefore, we do not charge VAT, customs duties, sales taxes, or any unpredictable, special charges or brokerage fees when you settle your goods. If these additional charges are necessary for the customer to retrieve the goods from customs, they will need to be paid. If you need further information regarding the importation of goods, please contact your local customs office.

*DDU:Delivered Duty Unpaid 
仕向地持込渡し(関税抜き)  Ex-destination (excluding customs duty)